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So I cancelled long distance service in January. Still billed in March. Cancelled again in March — had to clear up that no, I no longer was at the number that I previously had 7 years ago. So, what is it, June? Still getting billed for long distance service. So now want to close the remnant of the ancient Internet access I had through AT&T. Ha ha. you cannot reach phone support if you haven’t paid the bill — which you are being billed for illegally because you cancelled the service. So, I’ve tried email. Any bets that’ll work? At least I don’t have to listen to the loud, unbelievably annoying two beeps every time an operator or system switches in AT&T.


The Thing about Spring

Posted April 29, 2007 by janiceb
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It’s always a complete surprise to me. Asparagus! Who thought? Daffodils and volunteer arugula! Raspberry canes budding out in leaves all over the place. Hosta and bleeding heart nubs turning into leaves and plants. So along with it goes raking up about 90 tons of catalpa beans from the lawn, but great god almighty, it is nice to have spring back.

Recommendation to Bostonians: If you can get tickets to the Huntington Theater’s Persephone now on (and not much longer), run to get them. Terrific fantasy about art and the curse of eternal life and one 500-year-old statue and one smart-talking rat.

Fun with Art

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I had to get some pictures of me taken for work. I hate getting my picture taken but, okay, it’s better than getting punctured with a big ol’ needle. So Husbando and I took to the studio and used some of his artwork for backdrop. Well, something on the picture had to look good.

World on my shoulders

tickle, tickle

TU Dinner 2007 — Interesting at Last!

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 I know this will sound really weird, but this was a great TU fundraiser this year. No, not just because Linda and I played spa-at-home day with a walk around greater downtown Pepperell and a soak in her hot tub and about an hour just leafing through a year’s worth of magazines. No, it was interesting because this year the Owl People — Marcia and Mark Wilson — gave a talk and showed these gorgeous owls. So a digital camera showed all its wait…I’m… taking…a….picture…but….it’ll……a…while flaws (Husbando  cursed and wished for his old Nikon), but still the pictures are pretty impressive.

I’m also trying out Tabblo, Chris, so bear with me.

See my Tabblo>

They’re Baaaaack

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Mr. Woodcock! (See last year’s post — they’re 2 weeks later this year!) Wow — I guess spring really is going to come….


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I’d been chiding myself about not posting. But, honestly, just look at the post beneath this. Same thing!

How Icy Is It?

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You have to get in the car and drive to the mail box. That icy.

real icy