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Reading continued…slowly

June 15, 2010

Yes, finally finished The Girl Who Played with Fire — quite the page puncher (what do you do on a Kindle?). Have re-started Too Big to Fail, which just didn’t seem like holiday-reading fare. What makes it especially fun to read is the article that I read last week at the gym in someone’s left-behind Rolling Stone — Matt Taibbi’s piece called “Wall Street’s Naked Swindle.” The good -ol Rolling Stone pit bull journalism, but sure does point fingers at all the scoundrels on Wall Street in a new light. (I am sorry that RS didn’t reproduct Victor Juhasz’s other illustration of hyenas in business suits picking over the bones of, well, us).

How do you find time to read? I was jealous of Churbuck’s realization that a vacation lets you read — instead of moving that hosta or deadheading that petunia or weeding that vegetable garden, you have nothing else to do but sit and read. That’s the way to do it. Declare Vacation Day at home.