Fireplace! At last!

I finally get my fireplace!! So what if it’s cardboard — you got a problem with that?


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4 Comments on “Fireplace! At last!”

  1. John LeJeune Says:

    It’s Beautiful! BTW, my feed reader almost exploder when it saw a post from you. . . 😀

  2. David Churbuck Says:

    mine too. It started coughing. Like a hairball was in its throat.

  3. Borgy101 Says:

    Nice. Very nice. Sometimes I wish my dog was cardboard (kidding).

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

    Signed – unemployed in Wusta.

  4. Jane O'Hara Says:

    careful, i hear cardboard can be flammable. semi-precious looks a bit concerned!
    VERY cozy and funny..i ‘ll have to lend you my video of a fire in a fireplace, crackling sounds included

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