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Mrs. Bloom

October 16, 2007

Jackie’s mom died yesterday. Jackie was my bestest friend in high school and Jackie’s mom was, well, the bestest mom. Because Jackie’s parents were divorced, my mother would insist I invite Jackie over for some “mothering,” which Mom figured anyone with divorced parents would need. But I was the one who needed mothering, and I got it from Mrs. Bloom.

I have a complete phobia of needles. Hate ’em. Terrified. Reduced to melted Jell-O around ’em. When I heard I needed a blood test to get married, I nearly called the whole thing off. That kind of phobia. But this, like most things, I reasoned, should be controllable. So I saw a doctor who tried a treatment called EMDR that’s really a mind game. Part of it involves imagining someone comforting you through the icky times. “Who would that person be?” asked the doc. In a flash: Mrs. Bloom. And now whenever I have to get blood drawn (as seldom as possible but more often than I’d like) or a shot (nearly never if I can help it), she’s by my side and I don’t feel so scared. I just think of her and I feel…stronger.

She had Alzheimer’s for years. Early on there were times she would ask about me. Jackie moved her closer to her in NH last April. I asked if I could visit, but Jackie, wisely, thought I’d be better off remembering her mom as I did from high school.

Jackie said even though her mother lost her memory and her bearings, she never lost being loving. Or loved. Which, I guess, it what it’s all about.



October 9, 2007

Aren’t children great? Ain’t it greater when other people have them?