So I cancelled long distance service in January. Still billed in March. Cancelled again in March — had to clear up that no, I no longer was at the number that I previously had 7 years ago. So, what is it, June? Still getting billed for long distance service. So now want to close the remnant of the ancient Internet access I had through AT&T. Ha ha. you cannot reach phone support if you haven’t paid the bill — which you are being billed for illegally because you cancelled the service. So, I’ve tried email. Any bets that’ll work? At least I don’t have to listen to the loud, unbelievably annoying two beeps every time an operator or system switches in AT&T.

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3 Comments on “AT&T…again”

  1. Paul Kerstein Says:

    Time to get contact the BBB and a lawyer. They’ll get results.

  2. Stan Says:

    I noticed that you haven’t made a blog entry since June. Maybe you’re just having a wicked good summer. I know my blog production had gone done quite a bit (hey, there was no Procession of Mary this year!). I’m working on an entry for the Bluefish tournament–that seems to be the official end-of-summer event and party (and the party goes pretty late).

    Anyway, I miss your blog entries.

  3. ray Says:

    LOL, same thing happened to me. I couldn’t speak to a representative until I paid the bill I was disputing and calling about.

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