The Thing about Spring

It’s always a complete surprise to me. Asparagus! Who thought? Daffodils and volunteer arugula! Raspberry canes budding out in leaves all over the place. Hosta and bleeding heart nubs turning into leaves and plants. So along with it goes raking up about 90 tons of catalpa beans from the lawn, but great god almighty, it is nice to have spring back.

Recommendation to Bostonians: If you can get tickets to the Huntington Theater’s Persephone now on (and not much longer), run to get them. Terrific fantasy about art and the curse of eternal life and one 500-year-old statue and one smart-talking rat.

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One Comment on “The Thing about Spring”

  1. Gloria Says:

    Hi Janice!
    Saw your blog on the web. Your descriptions are alive and creative. Yes, I am enjoying the buds of Spring as well. Looks like you live in a beutiful place.

    Saw your pictures in front of the mammouth paintings….husbando’s work, I assume. Glad he’s still painting.


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