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How Icy Is It?

February 17, 2007

You have to get in the car and drive to the mail box. That icy.

real icy



Buh-bye, AT&T

February 7, 2007

So I made the switch to Vonage. No self-combusting phone yet, no irritating background noise. But as At&T was not my local carrier, but my long-distance, I had to terminate them separately. With glee.

But, apparently, not with ease. After the ritualistic entering of my phone number, I was only asked twice by different operators during the course of my 25-minute call to cancel service what my phone number was. I was transferred to a nice Indian Gentleman who was in the Internet group of AT&T, but because I’m lazy and don’t want to hassle all my pals that I’ve change my e-mail, I’m (temporarily) keeping my AT&T Internet. No, I wanted to cancel long distance service. Well, not his department, so he had to transfer me…hold….hold….hold….F>U> or whatever you call that really loud two-note insult the phone company blurts into your ear when you’re transferred between continents on their customer [dis]service line. Finally get a nice Young Woman who decides that cancelling my long-distance service is not akin to obtaining the cure to cancer. But close. It takes 15 minutes to get her to understand I no longer want her service, which she finally wraps up by confirming that At&T has shut off long-distance service for phone number 617-XXX-XXXX — which is fine, except that’s a phone number I had six years ago when I lived in another city. Aha, she’d only asked for my present 978-XXX-XXXX phone number once, you see, so of course she’d be confused.

Mohan Sawhney put this horrid mish-mash of conglomerated companies much better than me in his CIO column from a few years back.

But, oh, that wasn’t the end. This week I got a letter from At&T telling me that my long-distance service “might not have been discontinued” if I, in fact, switched to another long-distance carrier. In which case my local phone service would be the only one that could cancel my At&T long-distance service.

Wonder how quickly they’ll figure out who I am when I discontinue to pay their bills?

Where I’ve Been

February 7, 2007

Working. Jeesh. But a nice gig at a very pleasant place. After the last nightmare, this is pure bliss. Check it out:

Oh, and check out their Demo demo.