What a Year

On just about this day last year, I was suddenly introduced to the searing pain of a slipped/ruptured disc — youch. I spent the next seven hours becoming intimately acquainted with the rug in the living room before I could crawl into the other room and, with Husbando’s help, get into bed. I couldn’t go into the office, obviously, which was okay, because there had been the sulphurous smell in the halls of Something Up. A few days later, a call from favorite boss Mr. C confirmed: substantial layoffs all around. But worst of all, Mr. C was leaving. Well, that was enough of a dead canary in the mine for me, and I determined to leave that job too.

Which I did, with help from Mr. C, in May as I landed at a tasty start-up.Things looked rosy, things looked grand. I got to waggle my fingers and toes in a new subject area, I was building a website from scratch. Years ago, an art director looked me square in the eye while we were picking covers for a new issue and said: “I know you: You get bored really easily.” I protested prettily of course, but he was — and is — absolutely right. So here I was braving new territory and feeling good, and just, just when I’m getting the contacts, the writing, the site headed in the right direction, Big Boss comes to me and, saying the most he’d said to me in four  months, pops out with We’re an ecommerce site now: I don’t need content, I don’t need traffic and I don’t need you.

Best thing that ever happened to me. I’m realizing now how much I like the projects, the consulting, the energy of the start-up as opposed to the plodding, well-oiled machine. And I don’t mind taking the time to work on abs, hamstrings and core to get the spine and body back in shape. I’m reading more, started another novel, got the rudiments of a Businessman’s Reader’s Digest started (here).

And although the path ahead to 2007 looks a little scary and uncertain from this vantage point, I’m not bored.

Happy New Year to all my pals who read here.

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One Comment on “What a Year”

  1. janice,
    here’s to better times (and lower backs in ’07)

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