Question for all

Any of you using Vonage? It looks like half what I’m paying now. Worth it? Not?

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4 Comments on “Question for all”

  1. Nope, Skype on the PC

  2. swstone Says:

    Yes, I had it for about three years. Definitely much cheaper than Verizon. I use it as a second line that is used in my vacation rental apartment. I have the 500 minute a month plan (this includes both incoming and outgoing) for $14.99. It works fine (of course you have to have high speed internet), but I would strongly recommend having a backup of some time (like a cell phone). If your internet service goes down, so does your phone–and then you can’t call your provider to let them know. Also, the 911 service is not exactly the same as the standard 911, but it does exist. I haven’t used it, so I can’t comment.

    Another cool thing is long distance to countries like the UK are 3 cents a minute. (Cananda and I think Mexico are included in the plan). You also get every imaginable phone feature included (voicemail, three way calling, and a million other things you won’t use).

    The bottom line is if you want to save money and can put up with some of the drawbacks, it is a great deal. You can always try the $14.99 plan to see if you like it.

  3. Sandy Says:

    I’ve had vonage for about a year….under 30 bucks for unlimited calling within U.S. Maybe within North America–can’t remember as I don’t know anyone to call in Canada. There’s a slight fuzz in the line, to my ear, and I do miss being able to plug the 10-pound desktop phone from the Bell Telephone era into the phone jack when the power goes out, but our phone bill did get cut by more than half when we switched. Good luck!

  4. John LeJeune Says:

    We had it and dropped it. Modem kept flaking out daily on the lovely Adelphia broadband here in fishtown. Technical support is not technical or supportive. They are poorly trained employees at a phone bank in India. Like talking to a very polite rock when you ask anything slightly technical. I got two Linksys modems from them the first basically caught on fire and I sent it back. The second one fried too and they refused to take it back. . . go figure. I finally called the President’s office at Vonage and got a credit for the amount I paid for the modem.
    The features are cool the price is amazing but I learned a lesson when the going got tough – You get what you pay for.

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