The Joy of Being Free

I’m going to try to enjoy this time (thanks, Chris) instead of just fretting. So I am:

  • sleeping again. And because I’m not popping Tylenol PM every night, I can wake up and listen to the coyotes at night (we’re surrounded)
  • taking classes that I never had time to on weekends, like getting back to the watercolors and serious yoga
  • piddling around on the piano again (an elderly, electric Roland). My father was a devoted jazz pianist — we’ve got his Rhodes to get rid of in NYC, if anyone knows a worthy cause that could use an electric piano.
  • I’m even getting back to short-story writing

Most particularly, I’m enjoying this time to be at home at a great time of year.  The lawn doesn’t need cutting, no bugs. And my fabulous raspberries are still producing. This is the beginning of breakfast every day:

And it’s November 3!!

The raspberries are Killarney summer bearing from Johnny’s. Raspberries are flagrant spreaders — if anyone would like a plant or two, let me know and I dig some up.  They taste great, and start producing in late August. I have another type, Polana, that blooms in July, but I don’t find the berries as tasty.

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3 Comments on “The Joy of Being Free”

  1. Sandy Says:

    MMMmmm. I’d take a raspberry cane or two. Is that what they’re called? A good excuse to meet for lunch I think, and much more portable than a piano. Only… they probably like a lotta sunshine?

    I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. You deserve it!

  2. Paul Says:

    Maybe I’ll quit too. But only if I can breakfast in Gloucester with you.

    Funny you mentioned coyotes. The other night, I saw one sprint across the street in Amesbury–the first time I saw one in this neck of the woods.

    I’ll be happy to read your short stories as well. That was my concentration for my MA program.

  3. Borgy101 Says:

    Hi. Those rasberries look yummy. What the hell is going on in Gloucester? And are those really coyotes or maybe just some drunk guys from the warf…

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