Monarch Butterflies

I’ve been so knee-deep in business press stories this summer, I forgot to look up and read interestinMonarchg stuff. Like, how come I have never seen so many monarch butterflies as I have this summer? A really quick web search came up with a diary of monarchs in Iowa, but here in New England their numbers are stunning.

I saw a lot around our property and thought this was because our tenant in the cottage bought a beautiful butterfly bush earlier in the summer, but they’re everywhere. I had to take the train into Boston one morning from the Beverly Depot stop and was astonished to see dozens of monarchs using the rail tracks as their flyway. Everyone standing on the platform commented on it.

Wonder why….

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One Comment on “Monarch Butterflies”

  1. MeridithL Says:

    I can’t answer your question, but I will offer this factoid about monarchs: they’re solar powered (according to my husband.) They get their energy to fly from the sun. Pretty cool, huh? I saw several of them in Vermont this summer, but I don’t think I saw more of them than usual.

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