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New Inventions

October 28, 2006

Over the years, I have conceived of many get-rich-slow products the world needs. Such as:

DamnItAll: what to take when things just aren’t going right (I’ve been popping quite a bit of DamnItAll lately.)

BoogerBGone: a strip of super-absorbent and disposable cloths to catch those unattractive nasal drips that plague riders on ski chair lifts.

The Cape Ann Faggot: finally, a solution for what to do with the billion or so 10-inch catalpa bean pods that clatter around the yard all winter. I’m sure they’d burn great.

Crisis-of-the-Day Website: for those unfortunates who are bossed around by the horrifically insecure, a place to vent and share. Maybe a use for


I’m Free

October 16, 2006

[please fill in rest of Who guitar riff here] , I’m Free!!

But thinking in new directions this time. See this Jeff Jarvis post on journalists building brands [ahem]. He wasn’t quite sure how this works for editors, but I think I know. Leastways, that’s where I’m thinking right now. And aside from 3AM panic attacks that involve Mortgage Monsters, this should prove more interesting.

Monarch Butterflies

October 9, 2006

I’ve been so knee-deep in business press stories this summer, I forgot to look up and read interestinMonarchg stuff. Like, how come I have never seen so many monarch butterflies as I have this summer? A really quick web search came up with a diary of monarchs in Iowa, but here in New England their numbers are stunning.

I saw a lot around our property and thought this was because our tenant in the cottage bought a beautiful butterfly bush earlier in the summer, but they’re everywhere. I had to take the train into Boston one morning from the Beverly Depot stop and was astonished to see dozens of monarchs using the rail tracks as their flyway. Everyone standing on the platform commented on it.

Wonder why….