Mo’ Tango

6:45 on a Wednesday night, and we’re waiting for the tango teacher to show up for dinner (don’t ask), our weekly private lesson (ask me someday), and then off to the weekly Wednesday milonga, or tango social dance, at which we rather suck. But we’re better than we used to be. Husbando has glommed on to tango with a passion unprecedented. This is a whole ‘nother world, an underground of fabulous dancers around Boston, New York, Montreal and every other damn place there’s a music box. Young kids too: I always ask, and I never seem to get at why they’re all taking classes (20 new kids in the Monday class we go to; oh, don’t ask about that too) and tangoing the night away. Want a taste? Lookee here.

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4 Comments on “Mo’ Tango”

  1. Tango! Awesome. I understand Tango is all the rage in Finland, at least an old 60 Minutes segment indicated so.
    Hope you are well. Let’s talk next week when I get back from Japan.

  2. MeridithL Says:

    I think it’s so great that you and husbando are taking tango lessons! How sweet! I would love to do something like that with my hubby, who has two left feet.

  3. Paul Kerstein Says:

    I’ve always wanted to take Tango lessons–good on your and “husbando” for giving it a go. My wife and I have been swing dancing on and off, but it’s tough when you both want to lead. I can keep a beat and I can shake my moneymaker, I just can’t seem to put it all together without making people laugh.

  4. JackieN Says:

    This is all new, interesting stuff….NYC work?? What’s going on??

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