No Fun with AOL

About 100 years ago, I had an aol account. Every month I pay a piddly fee to AOL for a service I haven’t used in years. So, it being a nice quiet Labor Day, I decided, hey, I’ll finally candel this account.

Fat chance. After repeated attempts to get AOL to understand that I’m being billed for their services on a certain credit card every month, they insist I don’t exist, that card doesnt’ exist and therefore my account doesn’t exist. Each call brings a new suggestion: get AOL for a month for free, then try to cancel within that month (!) Or, go online, sign in (sign in? Like I remember a screen name from¬†8 years ago — “can you tell me my screen name?” [the computer had told me earlier] operator: “No — I can’t access your account” Which I don’t have….), and update my card so I can cancel.

I’ve heard of the hellish vortex of trying to cancel AOL. It’s all true.

Oh, yeah — and what I really like is when they transfer you, you get these really loud telephone bleeps that say to “F.U..”

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One Comment on “No Fun with AOL”

  1. Paul Kerstein Says:

    You should call your credit card company and tell them what is happening, so that they’ll block payments to AOL. (Yes, you can do that because after AOL’s response, it’s considered credit card fraud.)

    Watch how quickly AOL remembers who you are and what your account is, so you can begin a cancellation dialogue.

    Also, write down every conversation, with date and to whom you spoke with. That way, you can fax and put it in more blogs and send to other folks.

    Listen to this poor guy’s saga on YouTube:

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