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Mo’ Tango

September 27, 2006

6:45 on a Wednesday night, and we’re waiting for the tango teacher to show up for dinner (don’t ask), our weekly private lesson (ask me someday), and then off to the weekly Wednesday milonga, or tango social dance, at which we rather suck. But we’re better than we used to be. Husbando has glommed on to tango with a passion unprecedented. This is a whole ‘nother world, an underground of fabulous dancers around Boston, New York, Montreal and every other damn place there’s a music box. Young kids too: I always ask, and I never seem to get at why they’re all taking classes (20 new kids in the Monday class we go to; oh, don’t ask about that too) and tangoing the night away. Want a taste? Lookee here.



September 13, 2006

Been on the LimoLiner for the last 48 hours. Okay, only got on at 3:15 and it’s now 6:40, but it feels like forever. Forgot my own advice to always travel with a suitable reading companion and the so-called internet connection is like the old days — real old days — of dial-up, i.e., painfully slow and you lose stuff a lot.

It would be nicer if I could get the song words “Cathy, I’m lost, I said, though I knew she was sleeping…” out of my head. Please, someone suggest another piece of brain candy, quick!


September 13, 2006

I’ve recently found the definition of harmartia to be more along the lines of “fatal flaw.” That’s not how I was taught it….more like this: “Recent scholarship has suggested that the interpretation of hamartia as a fatal flaw is itself flawed, and that the word more properly means any disproportion in the character’s makeup that leads to downfall; thus an excess of a valuable or virtuous quality can in some circumstances be seen as hamartia.”

I.e., that which makes you strong can make you weak. It’s a concept I’ve been fascinated with ever since I heard the word in an English class while discussing Othello. (Pride got the big O where he was, pride was his downfall) Anyway, old boyfriends would shudder and look at their watches when, after a few glasses of wine, I’d start yammering about hamartia again.

My mother is an example of hamartia: you don’t get to be 94 by not having your own mind about things. But she’s got too much of her own mind: if she decides the sky is red, it’s red. (“why can’t you be more like that nice Cindy R,” I’d get in high school. Cindy R is late to home room every day because she’s blowing weed every morning? The answer was never heard. A few weeks later, I’d get “why can you be more like that nice Cindy R….she comes from such a nice family.”)

It amazes me how many times I’ve seen hamartia raise its predictable head in business. With, mostly, entrepreneur, gung-ho types. What drives them to be entrepreneurial and have ideas that other people want to follow is their incredible drive. Unfortunately, they don’t know when to slip into neutral. Recipe for disaster. Every time.

No Fun with AOL

September 4, 2006

About 100 years ago, I had an aol account. Every month I pay a piddly fee to AOL for a service I haven’t used in years. So, it being a nice quiet Labor Day, I decided, hey, I’ll finally candel this account.

Fat chance. After repeated attempts to get AOL to understand that I’m being billed for their services on a certain credit card every month, they insist I don’t exist, that card doesnt’ exist and therefore my account doesn’t exist. Each call brings a new suggestion: get AOL for a month for free, then try to cancel within that month (!) Or, go online, sign in (sign in? Like I remember a screen name from 8 years ago — “can you tell me my screen name?” [the computer had told me earlier] operator: “No — I can’t access your account” Which I don’t have….), and update my card so I can cancel.

I’ve heard of the hellish vortex of trying to cancel AOL. It’s all true.

Oh, yeah — and what I really like is when they transfer you, you get these really loud telephone bleeps that say to “F.U..”

Excellent Fishie Post

September 3, 2006

No, not by me. By Meridith: No Wonder Those Big Fish Are Hard to Catch.

Husbando takes issue with the fish feed in the open comment, but I’m backing Meridith 100% on this one.

Michael R.: read this.

Uh-oh, Blog Tag

September 3, 2006

Okay, Meridith, I can take a joke. You  might say I am fourever putting up with unfourtunate and unfourseen events that require my fourmidable skills.

But, the gauntlet has been thrown by the new “blog-tagging” game to come up with a title of your list that somehow plays on the word four…

4 Flowers

  1. White jasmine
  2. Bleeding heart
  3. Zinnias
  4. Dahlias

4 Plants

  1. Northern catalpa trees
  2. Clethra (summersweet)
  3. Mountain laurel
  4. Blue spruce

4 Family Members

  1. Husbando
  2. Maureen
  3. Sarah
  4. Husbando

4 States I’ve Lived In

  1. New York
  2. Colorado
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Confusion 

4 Bosses I Try to Emulate

  1. Joe Meagher
  2. Pam Fiori
  3. Betsy Buffington Bates
  4. David Churbuck (just not the language)

 4 Chairs

  1. Windsor
  2. Windsor Elbow Chair
  3. 2 Antique Rockers

And, for the gruesome tag part…

  1. Sandy
  2. Paul
  3. Borgy
  4. Meridith (well, you started it)

Quck Updte

September 3, 2006

And for those of you wondering how the new job is going, obviously it’s taken up a lot of my time and energy. I certainly prefer commuting by train. I’m taking the fancy bus called the Limoliner to NYC a lot, where I stay with my soon-to-be-94-year old mother, and I take her out to eat.

All in all, I’m handling things pretty well.