NYC vs. Boston

Okay, there’s a part of me that wouldn’t mind at all working in the really big city again. There’s just so much more excitement there and the level of professionalism keeps everyone on their toes.

BUT you can’t get out of NYC easily — ever. Weekend, evening, morning, doesn’t matter. In Boston, I can be up in the fantasyland of Cape Ann in under an hour. And of course the beauty of Cape Ann is that you feel like you’re up in Maine without the really long drive. You can’t get that in NYC.

Beside Husbando (Birthday Boy) is here. I’m staying!

Any ideas out there in the ether about a great telescope buy? He wants one, he’s a discerning turnip and I wants to make him happy. All thoughts appreciated.

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One Comment on “NYC vs. Boston”

  1. Stan Says:


    About the telescope thing, have you talked to Anne Deneen on Duley St (check for phone number)? She and her husband founded the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club (, and she is the pastor at the St. Paul Lutheran Church here in Lanesville. Really nice person.

    I bought one of these a few years ago. Great beginner scope, and it is a good terrestrial scope when you get tired of going outside on cold winter nights. Also, this is a really good book to start to understand what you’re buying and what you need.

    Good luck. Go out some Saturday night to Halibut Point State Park and talk to the folks there about the best thing to do. See if Anne or Michael are out there–they’d love to help.

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