Nice to be missed

Thanks to all who noticed.

I’m in NYC, dragging Mum to the doctor (which, as my brother once eloquently put it, is like dragging around a boat anchor), catching up with the NY contingent of my company (swell guys all) and running to meet-greet a bunch of high-flying online media moguls.

It’s hotter ‘n hell here. Reason #25 why I left NYC many years ago. I walked home 29 blocks the other afternoon just cause it’s so darn fun walking in NYC. Of course, I had to wring out my clothes by the time I got there. But a glass of wine at dinner helped.

NY tip: Avoid Paris Match unless you’re really into screaming at the people sitting right next to you. V. noisy. On the other hand, recently went to and loved Brasserie Julien — quiet, jazz group, great food (just wait til the cool weather ’cause the A/C is a little weak).

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