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NYC vs. Boston

July 29, 2006

Okay, there’s a part of me that wouldn’t mind at all working in the really big city again. There’s just so much more excitement there and the level of professionalism keeps everyone on their toes.

BUT you can’t get out of NYC easily — ever. Weekend, evening, morning, doesn’t matter. In Boston, I can be up in the fantasyland of Cape Ann in under an hour. And of course the beauty of Cape Ann is that you feel like you’re up in Maine without the really long drive. You can’t get that in NYC.

Beside Husbando (Birthday Boy) is here. I’m staying!

Any ideas out there in the ether about a great telescope buy? He wants one, he’s a discerning turnip and I wants to make him happy. All thoughts appreciated.


Nice to be missed

July 27, 2006

Thanks to all who noticed.

I’m in NYC, dragging Mum to the doctor (which, as my brother once eloquently put it, is like dragging around a boat anchor), catching up with the NY contingent of my company (swell guys all) and running to meet-greet a bunch of high-flying online media moguls.

It’s hotter ‘n hell here. Reason #25 why I left NYC many years ago. I walked home 29 blocks the other afternoon just cause it’s so darn fun walking in NYC. Of course, I had to wring out my clothes by the time I got there. But a glass of wine at dinner helped.

NY tip: Avoid Paris Match unless you’re really into screaming at the people sitting right next to you. V. noisy. On the other hand, recently went to and loved Brasserie Julien — quiet, jazz group, great food (just wait til the cool weather ’cause theĀ A/C is a little weak).

Interesting Discovery

July 21, 2006

It’s really hard to post on your blog when you don’t have a computer! Yes, the highly expensive, very pretty Sony Vaio that I bought blew up. Well, okay, didn’t exactly blow, but that time-bomb-ticking was as close as I want to get. Damn thing’s been in the fix-it shop at CompUsA (thank god I bought the highly expensive Platinum fix-it service). So what am I finally posting on? A brand-new HP dv1622nr (sorry, Churbuck) laptop that I haven’t managed to kill yet. I will. I seem to be the kiss of death for computers.

Some day, I’ll relate the sad story of what I unwittingly have done to the poor computers within finger-reach of me lately. But now I’m revelling in a fabby wireless connection (ok, ok, so it took me a while), and, once again a computer.

The Vaio Lemon? I’ll pick that up from the shop next week. Any bets how long it’ll last? Only had to replace the hard drive in a 7-month old computer.

Honestly, it’s not me.

Anyway, I’m alive. Can’t say the same for my desktops….