A Little Bitch

So my new job is kind of corporate-like — certainly I feel the need to look more polished that I ever did in effing Framingham. And I've been on the hunt for business-y looking clothing. Well, thank you New York Times for pointing out why I can't find anything that fits or looks professional or that I like: department stores hate petites. They don't just hate us. They've decided we're old and dowdy. I'd like to know: where are all the size 0 Asian girls that propelled manufacturers to make clothes for the not-5'7" in the first place? You know, the ones who wander Madison Avenue and Copley Place Mall with all the most expensive shopping bags? Yo, little girlfriends, speak up!

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2 Comments on “A Little Bitch”

  1. Meridith Levinson Says:

    I feel your pain! At 5’4″, pants are always too long on me. The only thing worse than pants that are too long are skirts that fall below the knee. And wouldntcha know, all the manufacturers it seems are designing skirts and dresses to fall below the knee (see all the summer dresses on J.Crew.com–nothing falls above the knee and everything is A-line so your bottom half looks like a frickin triangle! Yuck!) You have to be at least 5’7″ with a perfect, shapely figure (read: a bust) to pull off those below-the-knee length dresses. Skirts and dresses that fall below the knee on me make me look so dowdy and dumpy, even when I wear heels. It sux.

    Doesn’t Ann Taylor make nice, petite sized clothing? Or does A.T. hate petites now, too? I think Gap and J.Crew are also making more petites, but who wants to look like everyone else all the time?

  2. Megan Santosus Says:

    I read that NYT article and I have to say that thankfully I don’t need clothes from Bloomingdales, Nieman Marcus or Saks…for petites, you just can’t beat LL Bean or Lands End…most everything (including Capris) are available in petites…

  3. Toddie Says:

    Hot pink is the black. Hot pink lipstick, eye shadow, skirts, blouses, and even contacts. Walk into work with this color scheme and you’ll be promoted immediately!

    Good luck and take digi-pics of people reactions to be posted on the world wide web.

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