Take a little trip

Take a little trip not with me, but with former boss and master of scatalogical discourse David Churbuck as he blogs his business trip to China. I went to China a bazillion years ago, late 80s; it was one of the major destinations I wanted to get to in my lifetime and I did it. Everything's different: the food, the color of the earth, the smell in the air. At the time I was there, most everything ran on coal — I bought a sweater because it was cold, and that sweater is infused with coal/China smell. I've never thrown it out, and every once in a while I unpack it just to bury my nose in it. The smell takes me right back to China, to Kunming wandering around (I think) Green Lake Park in the morning watching people do tai chi, and the old men who bring their caged songbirds with them to hang on a tree limb while they sit looking over the lake and the birds sing. You'd keep that sweater too.

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2 Comments on “Take a little trip”

  1. The Borgy101 Says:

    Haven’t been to China but I lved in San Francisco for 3 years. The people were more mellow. The food was a world apart from the usual faire here in the Northeast. The weather is what people rave about here about 10x a year. Sunny, 60-70 degrees, and a little breeze. City, ocean, Red Woods, LA, Las Vegas, Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), dessert, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and Hawaii only 5 minutes to a plane flight away.

    Oh yeah.

  2. Scatalogical? Why, because I said my old office smelled like ass?

    China rules. I’ve been in the States 12 hours and I miss it already. I wish I had the equivalent of your sweater, and the image of old men with birds in their cages.

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