A Fishing Thought

Annual tradition with Husbando's family: First Day of Fishing in Connecticut. So you know where we're going today. I will post pictures of the event later, as I'm sure the world needs to know.  But first, a fishing thought:

When fishing for really big fish:

big fish fishing

people wear t-shirts, shorts, maybe deck shoes. They're after say a 50-100+ pound fish.

When we go freshwater fly-fishing in New England, we wear hats, polarized sunglasses, neoprene or breathable waders, felt-bottomed and sometimes cleated boots, special shirts with lots of pockets, fishing vests bespangled with junk like a Christmas tree: 

Fishing stuff

And we're after a 6-inch fish.

What's that all about?

PS: As long has I'm wearing a vest, I figure I'd wear a vest (courtesy LLBean):

Bean's girlie fishing vest

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One Comment on “A Fishing Thought”

  1. Larry Says:

    I did not get to see it on you Saturday but the picture seems like it would blind me and the fish.

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