Cymbidiums — in bloom

Okay, make that cymbidium in bloom. Only one of the ingrates bothered this year. And after all I do for them — move to a drafty, unheated farmhouse for them, give them a glorious summer outdoor vacation in the Grotto di Orchidae, leave them til just before frost, then trundle all nine pots back upstairs to the unheated front room. And this year I only get one plant to bloom. Still, I can't complain; isn't he pretty?

 Cymbidium 06

But how come last year when we were renovating and all the cymbidiums huddled in the front room with no water and no attention and lay for three months up there through one mighty cold winter covered with construction dust — then they bloomed up a storm?

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One Comment on “Cymbidiums — in bloom”

  1. Borgy101 Says:

    They look beautiful. Nice job.

    I’m looking forward to all the blooms coming up. Magnolia trees should be coming up.

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