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Columbia Falls, Maine Town, Travel & Tourist Information
Columbia Falls was once a large shipbuilding and lumbering center and several large homes still remain today as testimony to their success. Now this towns economy has shifted to agriculture. The processing of clams and locally grown blueberries sustains the village.

Columbia Falls got its town name from William and Noah Mitchell who named it in honor of Christopher Columbus.

Columbia Falls, ME Population: 501

County: Washington

Well, make that 500. A good friend of Husbando's died over the weekend — actually a friend of his family. Owner of a gigantic blueberry farm, and on that farm he had a hunting camp dubbed El Meadow, which Husbando's uncle started going to after the war. Uncle Tot, age 89, still loves to go there to hunt; Husbando goes to paint each fall when the blueberry barrens turn Day-Glo shades of orange and pink and red. Surreal. As a painting buddy said, "If you painted it like that, no one would believe it." (This painting by James Linehan kind of captures it, as does this show from the Wyman's site, the area's largest producer.) So, what's to become of the blueberry farm? And of El Meadow? Stay tuned, I guess. R.I.P., Gary.

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  1. Borgy101 Says:

    I was trying to look up the painter you mentioned and came across this web site which was ver intriguing:


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