T.U.Fundraiser Dinner

Question: How come they never serve fish at a fishing club dinner?

But before I answer, some notes and gossip from last night's Trout Unlimited fundraiser for the Squan-a-tissit chapter:

  • G.P. won the kayak — again! He won it last year. Now, could he just transfer that luck to the rest of his life?
  • Juro Mukai was the speaker — nice guy, but his presentation seemed a bit high-tech for this bunch (maybe this is why). He did tout the benefits of spey rod fishing, especially for surf-casting so you don't get the waves in your face and you can cast longer. That sold me. Husbando and I bid on and won a spey-casting lesson from Juro.Happy Guests
  • Russ and Kathy's Christopher is a stunning 12-year-old now and never lost his red hair.
  • A fellow named John from Gloucester said he recently attended a lecture at the Peabody Essex Museum by the Cornell guy who claims to have found the ivory-billed woodpecker.
  • We won Russ & Kathy's Notmuchofah Farm's Maple Syrup basket — boy, the real thing tastes a billion times lighter and cleaner than the commercial stuff. I'm never going back.

Husbando's the cook — spaghetti and great sauce. This year, the garlic bread was cut through to perfection. But all good things come to an end (with a messy kitchen):

TU Dinner Cleanup

So, how come they never have fish? 'Cause it's catch-and-release. These guys never have fish.

Happy Birthday, Michael.

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5 Comments on “T.U.Fundraiser Dinner”

  1. Borgy101 Says:

    My favorite new fish to eat: Talapia. Love the stuff.

    Also: do fish feel pain? You know, the hook in the mouth thing.

  2. I know Juro and I didn’t know husbando was a brine-crazed longwander.
    Fish feel pain. Tilapia is grown in ponds.

  3. My daughter starred as Rainbow Fish in a play at her school …

    I love to cook and eat fish … usually with lots of garlic …

    Ok, I’m done … that’s all I got …

  4. Meridith Levinson Says:

    My husband, who’s an avid fly-fisherman and president of the Trout Unlimited chapter in Southwestern VT, says the hooks don’t really hurt the fish for a couple of reasons: one, because the fish don’t usually swallow the hooks (unless of course you’re spin fishing/fishing w/ worms) and two, because the hooks usually just snag the fish’s lip (fish lips, blech!) and fish don’t have a lot of nerve endings there. I think fish are more bothered by the fact that they’re suddenly tethered by a fisherman’s line and not that they have a hook caught in their lip. I know I’m going to sound like a fly-fishing sno here, but fly-fishing, at least according to my angling husband, is far more human than spin fishing. More fish die from spin fishing than from fly fishing, which is often catch-and-release.

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