Of Frogs

We got the woodcocks at dawn and dusk. And we’ve heard the song sparrows and redwing blackbirds. But the only surefire way I know that winter’s gone is the return of the peepers:


(more swell froggie pics)

These itty-bitty guys inhabit the quarries all around us, and the last couple of years they’ve moved into the pond-to-be on our property, about 30 feet from the bedroom window. These froggies are tiny — about 3/4 of an inch (described as coin-sized). But they can be really loud. Especially one horny guy who sounds like the smoke alarm going off. He takes getting used to. (Easier to take than the screech owl that moved to the tree outside our friends’ house and at 4AM sounded like a small child being murdered.)

Small, eh?Cute or what?

Vernal pools are a big deal on Cape Ann. If we don’t miss it again this year, we’ll be out during the first warm rainy night in late March (tho probably not this week) or early April looking for creepy crawlies — like the spotted salamander:

Mr. Salamander

Okay, kinda slimy looking, but they eat mosquitoes. And anything that eats mosquitoes is all right by me.



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2 Comments on “Of Frogs”

  1. david churbuck Says:

    On Martha’s Vineyard they call ’em “Pinkletinks.”

  2. […] Spring Peepers, also known on the Cape as “pinkletinks” […]

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