Ha ha ha, I laugh at the weather

I just ordered all my seeds today at  Johnny’s. Angelica (something really big), Kinko carrot (short, good keeper), Cheedar orange cauliflower, Zephyr zucchini (the only zucchini worth growing) and a bunch of other stuff that will benefit from direct seeding or starting in my one-of-a-kind basement hothouse. Really, I guess I could buy most of what I grow (butternut and spaghetti squash, eggplant in profusion, tomatoes that self-populate) from Goose Cove Gardens up the street, which is relentlessly organic, but I like starting things from little pips. And I really like thinking of starting stuff when the wind’s gusting to 40 mph and we’ve got who knows how much drifty blowy white stuff out there.

I just pray that god sends a pestilence upon cutworms, squash bugs and vine borers. Other than that, I really do live in Paradise.

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2 Comments on “Ha ha ha, I laugh at the weather”

  1. David Churbuck Says:

    I did not know you were a fellow seed starter. My wife introduced me to the joys of DIY gardening a decade ago, and now my cellar is chockablock with growlights and trays of peat plugs.

    We’re flower people, but judging from those wild iridescent eggplants you shared last summer, you’ve got the green (neon purple) thumb.

    Hope you have a snow day tomorrow.

  2. janiceb Says:

    Alas, no snow day. Just another day of getting snowed. I will take a pic of the one-of-a-kind hothouse thingies my husband dreamed up and post here

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