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Lanes Cove

February 26, 2006

This fellow seems to have abandoned his blog, but nice pictures of Lanes Cove, which is just a hop down the hill from me…


Summer Furniture

February 26, 2006

In the off chance the summer does decide to come back, I’m going to need some new outdoor furniture. Mainly because lazy didn’t bother to take anything in this year:

snow chairs

If you suffer the same Autumn who caresness, try Tidewater (PressIt’s decided not to work: Inexpensive, pretty easy to put together (or, better yet, easy to get Bill the Handyman to put together).

oh, yeah

February 26, 2006

summer lavendar and thymeOh yeah. Now I remember why I like it here…

art, all art

February 23, 2006

Now here’s a website:

Okay, Husbando’s company. But nothing beats an inbound link, eh?

Where my seed will grow.

February 20, 2006


This is my greenhouse in the basement. Made with insulating material — keeps things nice and warm (well, when the damn door hasn’t fallen off like in the front box).


Ha ha ha, I laugh at the weather

February 12, 2006

I just ordered all my seeds today at  Johnny’s. Angelica (something really big), Kinko carrot (short, good keeper), Cheedar orange cauliflower, Zephyr zucchini (the only zucchini worth growing) and a bunch of other stuff that will benefit from direct seeding or starting in my one-of-a-kind basement hothouse. Really, I guess I could buy most of what I grow (butternut and spaghetti squash, eggplant in profusion, tomatoes that self-populate) from Goose Cove Gardens up the street, which is relentlessly organic, but I like starting things from little pips. And I really like thinking of starting stuff when the wind’s gusting to 40 mph and we’ve got who knows how much drifty blowy white stuff out there.

I just pray that god sends a pestilence upon cutworms, squash bugs and vine borers. Other than that, I really do live in Paradise.

OrchidWire – Orchid Blogs

February 5, 2006

OrchidWire – Orchid Blogs

Not exactly what I was hoping for, but sorta interesting. Out of 9 cymbidiums this year onely one is putting up a flower spike. Last year when they were covered with construction dust in the closed-off (unheated) upstairs room, about 5 of ’em graced me with a flower. Still, I don’t think many New Englanders can grow these orchids (of course, most people have houses that are fully heated). Biggest pain is the rhynocostylis, which bloomed once — small flowers with powerful fabulous fragrance. I haven’t been able to make him happy since.