I Want Media – Media News & Resources

I Want Media – Media News & Resources

I had a spare 15 minutes this afternoon to scroll through about 3 months of mag & newspaper news listings from Iwantmedia.com. One thing is clear: from Time to Conde Nast to BW to Ziff, everyone has finally decided to jump on the online bandwagon. And I expect all are having the same footdragging issues I’ve seen everywhere else. The money and the staff are still in print. The future (sans $$) and impetus is all online. The print people feel they’ve been neglected and forgotten. The online crowd feels it gets nothing but lip-service and no real commitment. Why is it so hard for media companies to grow? It’s all about territory and budgets. Back in my print days, it was a fear of new products and snail-mail newsletters (tho much of that was a fear of the go-getters who were actually starting this stuff up). Maybe it wasn’t even the go-getters; maybe it was that some editors actually liked the business people, understood ad sales and the publisher’s needs. Resentment is a terrible thing to get in the way of sound business decisions. And it does all the time.

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One Comment on “I Want Media – Media News & Resources”

  1. ken Says:

    So let’s start a newspaper. I don’t hold a grudge. I was in it three decades ago, when it was called the ‘alternative press’. Best now to really create an alternative and cross pollinate the two worlds, agate lines and lines of cove. I have a formula. Let’s do it!

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