I hate media

Okay, I don’t hate, but some of us media types run the stupidest things. Like, I’m reading Harper’s Bazaar (first mistake) at the gym and there’s this callout from the interviewee, some guy named Tom Ford (huh?), former designer for Gucci (uh): “Being a womanswear designer is the hardest job in the world.”

Right. Tried coal mining? EMT? How about website editor for a company that doesn’t get it? I can think of lots worse. You can read some more of the slathering interview. About how Ford discovers he can go a few days without bathing. Hey, maybe he meant the job is hardest on those who have to work near him.

And, speaking of the gym, the girlie gym in the western eastovershoot burbs, where I go at lunchtime. Place to myself and 3 tv monitors blaring 2 channels of local news. And this is the best part: both news shows do the weather, the sports, building-burning/blowing up/falling down-in-a-place you couldn’t care less about at the exact same time. Even better is when they run the commercials for themselves and the “woman on the street” says how much she likes Channel Whatever because they do such a better job. At what?

Well, I’ve had my fun. Husbando is serving up fish stew with olive bread and strawberries with Greek yogurt for dessert. And I think I’ve got it bad.

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2 Comments on “I hate media”

  1. …on the topic of hard jobs, “being website editor at a company that just doesn’t get it…” hmm. now whom could that be? and on the topic of local news, don’t you just love those ads for the Teav 5 investigative team? “WE NEED THE TRUTH…” At the gym I go to in the very same western eastovershoot burbs, I have to wait for the geriatrics who see the leg lift machines as perfect opportunities to sit down and chat with their friends…

  2. janiceb Says:

    god bless the girlie gym too.

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