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January 27, 2006 – The Source For Unusual Flower Seed

Found this in the latest erstwhile SPNEA now Historic New England(?) newsletter. Right in Rowley, too. Nice garden planner, and links to nice pics of the flowers, which are heavy on the natives.


I Want Media – Media News & Resources

January 24, 2006

I Want Media – Media News & Resources

I had a spare 15 minutes this afternoon to scroll through about 3 months of mag & newspaper news listings from One thing is clear: from Time to Conde Nast to BW to Ziff, everyone has finally decided to jump on the online bandwagon. And I expect all are having the same footdragging issues I’ve seen everywhere else. The money and the staff are still in print. The future (sans $$) and impetus is all online. The print people feel they’ve been neglected and forgotten. The online crowd feels it gets nothing but lip-service and no real commitment. Why is it so hard for media companies to grow? It’s all about territory and budgets. Back in my print days, it was a fear of new products and snail-mail newsletters (tho much of that was a fear of the go-getters who were actually starting this stuff up). Maybe it wasn’t even the go-getters; maybe it was that some editors actually liked the business people, understood ad sales and the publisher’s needs. Resentment is a terrible thing to get in the way of sound business decisions. And it does all the time.

City of Gloucester, MA

January 24, 2006

City of Gloucester, MA

Well, I’ve established that PressIt works here with IE (why not Drupal?). Okay, enough about work. My fair city above; note that city offices have moved to new trailers! Glad my tax dollars are doing some good.



January 23, 2006

Could I live there again? Not sure a weekend with the mum is much of a test, but it was neat to run over to the Armory Antiques Show (fell in love with a 1) $24,000 1st C Roman head of Hercules; 2) $1.3 mill Dennis Miller Bunker; 3) assorted Tang horses I was too embarrassed to ask about. And the Tiffany Room in the Armory! How come no one told me about that before?


Neat New Stuff on the Net – Weekly Reviews of New Sites by Marylaine Block

January 23, 2006

Neat New Stuff on the Net – Weekly Reviews of New Sites by Marylaine Block

Of course, if I cite her stuff, I should give a link to her newsletter. Apologies, Marylaine…

What I don’t get

January 20, 2006

I sit in front of the Internet all day. And yet, and yet, when I get in Buglet to go home, I end up sitting in one massive traffic tie-up at the hellish intersection of 128 and 95. Why can’t I be forewarned about this? Eh, Internet???

too cute

January 20, 2006

everyone needs this

I don’t care how big a cynic you are.

Thanks, once again, to Marylaine Block’s Neat New Stuff on the Web.